Close your eyes and feel, how you affect my mind

how you attract my gaze.

♣♣♣♣♣♣ how does a crazy girl talk?
heey :D it's me,hannah,a girl member of our small world,mother earth..keke. as you can see this is a fandom based journal..but totally mixed with my life..all the stupid shits happening in my life..still there's a sweet fold memories inside my journal..daily happenings in my life. A life with my family,friends and addictions. Got that right? hahaha it's me and my fandom in my own imaginary world..(who says dreaming is only for losers?) haha. Well basically my fandom is only two... KPOP AND JPOP :D both of them made me fall in love with them..deeply hah,making it hard for me to run away without a dose of it each day.I was much more into JPOP..but lost it suddenly..I became addicted to KPOP more..for me it's much more lively now.. because my JPOP FANDOMS are resting i think? haha but still..have both uniqueness. :) I love male groups!(DUH!I'M A GIRL!) hahaha i'm too hooked up with them,super junior,shinee,2pm,FT Island,Big Bang.ALL OF THEM DESCRIBES ONE WORD.....ECSTASY.
HAHAHA i know i know it's cheesy, but that's how much i love my fandom..at the point where i can bawl like a stupid baby,or laugh like there's no other day in my life...haha In short i'm totally crazy.I'm nice..but sometimes not,totally depends on my mood..but most of the time i'm okay :),just don't bash my fandoms or ME then i'm 100% sure we'll get along pretty good and easy. :) keke. i'm not a smart person..nor a popular one in school..i'm the type of person who keeps her feet flat on the floor..hands in the back..but has a loud mouth talking :)) see?i can't harm anyone..maybe emotionally i could..but not a type of person like that..backstabbers yeah yeah..tskk..don't like them..but honestly i do that sometimes.to be frank i know all of us undergo that right? :)) hahaha
okaay i keep on blabbering such things here..so i guess you know me now?
a wholesome talkative person but cannot find a topic to talk to :P
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